N6 Welcomes you home!  Our mission: To handle ALL of your real estate needs and to be the best-recognized and most highly respected home-ownership services brand in Birmingham, and across the state.

About Us

N6 is a team of business experts, dedicated to serving this area for several years now. We will be happy to be of service. Please contact us, schedule a consult, or book one of our services today.

The New System

N6 Realty takes a unique approach to helping you acquire your dream home within your timeline and budget. Our knowledgeable experts provide guidance through every step of the process. From helping you find a great home with potential in your ideal neighborhood, to connecting you with financing options and contractors that will help you maximize the potential of your home, we are here to help!

Best Block, Most Potential Strategy

HGTV is one of the most popular cable networks for a reason: they make it look easy to find or renovate your dream home. Shows like the Property Brothers and Fixer Upper have the right idea but they tend to skip over some of the most essential aspects of executing the best block, worst home strategy. Read more to learn what they tend to leave out.


N6 Realty is conveniently located in the Mountain Brook area just off of Highway 280.  Call to schedule an appointment with Senior Agent, Trenton Stokes or Broker, Debra Newborn- 205.679.8683